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Problems faced by students and how to overcome them

Posted by Suvajit On Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:02 PM

Student life problems are manifold!

The most important thing in a student’s life is learning process. Gradual learning is very important for any student, be it in any field. Reading and writing are two kinds of intelligence we refer to most of the times. But there are many more things in a student’s brain that we often forget, and herein appears the difficulty. There are students who face learning problems and it’s not their fault. In our education system we end up blaming that group of students who face difficulty in learning, but not understanding why it happens.

For a school student, life is loaded with studies. It is not possible for each one of them to cope up with their studies. They often get nervous, frustrated and end up mugging their lessons which is very harmful. Teacher’s reaction shouldn’t vary from student to student; it should be equal for every student. Discrimination is very fatal for students.

In colleges, the scenario is different. Here there are problems which are related to politics. One should avoid any kind of politics (that in college as it is fatal for any student. Frustration often appears in students especially when their course session reaches its end. A majority of them either go for further studies whereas, rest of the students search for jobs. Recession has caused huge dearth of jobs and naturally many students are unable to avail their desired jobs. Students who opt for further studies often get puzzled about which course to study and from which college. Because of the lack of proper guidance they often take hasty decisions in a hurry for which they have to repent later.

Unfortunately our educational system is designed in such a way where many companies give importance to those who posses a valid degree like MBA, B-TECH, etc. and not to those people who actually possess the required expertise and know how to do the job much better than a candidate with a colorful degree, hardly having any knowledge regarding doing the work.

All these predicaments that are faced by students can only be resolved if every school and college recruits a qualified student counselor to guide the students in times of their problems. Also, the government must undertake sufficient measures to change the educational and political scenario of our nation.



Posted By Sana Fri Aug 14, 2009 2:56 PM
Students should not be overloaded with their studies at school level. They should be able to cope with their studies. Every student may not be alike. Some of them can easily grasp their studies while some can't. But everyone should be given equal consideration at school. They should not be overburdened with home works. Also, parents & teachers should not impose heavy pressure on them for securing high marks. Nowadays student counselors are essential for every school.

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